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  • Photo Friday: The Alpine Photographer

    This Photo Friday view the Alps through the eyes of Fiona Bunn, a British and Swiss Alpine photographer who is committed to creating awareness of human impacts on glacier landscapes.

  • Photo of the Elqui River

    Photo Friday: Chile’s Elqui River Valley

    This Friday, we’re covering some images that are a bit different from the usual Photo Friday. Rather than featuring photos of glaciers themselves, today we are featuring photos of a river valley and reservoir in Chile that receives almost all of its water from glaciers and snowmelt.

  • Photo Friday: NASA IceBridge launches 2017 Antarctica campaigns

    This Friday, enjoy some images of glaciers from a recent NASA IceBridge flight. The IceBridge project began its 9th year by launching two flights from two continents (South America and Antarctica).

  • Photo Friday: Walk the Widest Glacier in the Himalayas

    This Photo Friday, take a hike through images across Ngozumpa glacier in Nepal, the longest glacier in the Himalayas.

  • Photo Friday: New Polynya in East Antarctica

    A new polynya has formed in the ice to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula. This ice is primarily sea ice, but also contains icebergs which have calved from the peripheral glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • Disappearing Ice and Invisible People

    Repeat photography, a method that compares historical and recent photographs to find changes within a landscape, fails to provide a complete perspective of glacier retreat as it doesn’t capture the societal context, culture, and stories of the local people.

  • Photo Friday: Mingyong Glacier

    Mingyong Glacier’s recession has substantial environmental consequences for the remote Tibetan villages.

  • Photo Friday: An Eruption at Sheveluch

    On October 10 at 11:30 p.m., an explosion rocked the Kamchatka Peninsula in northeast Russia, where it is reported that Sheveluch, an active, glacier-covered volcano, has erupted. There are a number of glacier-covered volcanos in the region, but the Sheveluch is one of the largest volcanic structures in the Kamchatka. A plume of ashes rose…

  • Photo Friday: The Canvas of Phillip Baumgart

    Come check out the work of photographer-extraordinaire, Phillip Baumgart.

  • Photo Friday: The Glaciers of the Spanish Pyrenees

    Along the border between Spain and France lies the glaciers of the Pyrenees. Since the mid-1800’s a majority of all the glaciers in the area have been in a state of recession.