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  • Photo Friday: The Alpine Photographer

    This Photo Friday view the Alps through the eyes of Fiona Bunn, a British and Swiss Alpine photographer who is committed to creating awareness of human impacts on glacier landscapes.

  • Melting Glaciers and the Animals that Follow

    Last week, GlacierHub reported on a study that followed the types of plants that colonize new areas exposed by glacier retreat. But what about the animals that colonize de-glaciated regions?

  • Protests over Weakening Glacier Protections in Central Asia

    Proposed changes to the National Water Code in Kyrgyzstan could weaken glacier protection significantly. This move would give mining companies greater freedom to destroy glaciers in order to access underlying ore. Protests by activists associated with environmental NGOs have slowed down the movement of these proposed changes, which have still not been signed into law.

  • Photo of Denali

    Comment Period Still Open on Proposed Fee Hikes at National Parks

    On October 24, the National Park Service announced a proposed increase in peak-season entry fees at 17 national parks, including at some parks with glaciers. In some cases the proposal could more than double the single vehicle entry fee from $30 to $70, creating obstacles for low and middle income visitors wanting to enjoy America’s natural splendor.

  • Roundup: Ice-cliff Instability, Buffers, and Glacial Retreat

    In this week’s roundup, learn about future Antarctic Ice-sheet retreat, glacial buffering power and how Asia’s glaciers will behave in a warmer world.

  • Photo of the Elqui River

    Photo Friday: Chile’s Elqui River Valley

    This Friday, we’re covering some images that are a bit different from the usual Photo Friday. Rather than featuring photos of glaciers themselves, today we are featuring photos of a river valley and reservoir in Chile that receives almost all of its water from glaciers and snowmelt.

  • A Report from COP23: Still In for What?

    Jessica O’Reilly, an anthropologist who works in Antarctica, reports from COP23 in Bonn. She emphasizes the importance of representatives of US states and cities, organized in the “We Are Still In” movement, showing the commitment of many Americans to combating climate change.

  • Cooperation in the Face of Glacier Retreat: The Plants’ Story

    As new areas become exposed as glaciers retreat, plants begin to colonize them. Do the different species support or compete with one another? A recent study published in the Journal of Vegetation examines this interaction in southern Norway.

  • Decoding the Science of a Tropical Glacier through Data and People

    The volcano, Chimborazo, in Ecuador, is home to a glacier that like many tropical glaciers is quickly receding. When Jeff La Frenierre, a geographer at Gustavus Adolphus College, headed to the Andes, his main objective was to understand how glaciers on this particular mountain had been responding to climate change. However, in the midst of…

  • Roundup: Kyrgyzstan Protests, Alaskan Glacial Runoff, and Rap Music

    In this week’s roundup, we explore protests defending glaciers in Kyrgyzstan, a study about glacial runoff in Alaska, and rap artist Gucci Mane’s latest album called El Gato the Human Glacier.