Ben OrloveBen Orlove

Ben Orlove, an anthropologist, teaches environmental policy at Columbia University. He has conducted fieldwork in the Peruvian Andes since the 1970s and also carried out research in the Italian Alps, the western United States, and Antarctica. His early work focused on agriculture, fisheries and rangelands. More recently, he has studied climate change and glacier retreat, with an emphasis on water, natural hazards and the loss of iconic landscapes. In addition to writing a number of research papers and books, he is also the author of a memoir and a book of nature writing.





screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-12-37-16-amAshley E. Chappo

Ashley E. Chappo is a 2016 graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where she studied breaking news and investigative reporting. She is currently completing her dual master’s degree at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs in human rights and humanitarian policy. Ashley has written for various publications such as the New York Observer, World Policy Journal, and Manhattan Magazine, recently covering the Arctic for the World Policy Institute’s Arctic in Context initiative. Her research interests include climate change as a human rights issue with a focus on how global warming disproportionately impacts women and the world’s most disadvantaged communities.




William Julian

William Julian is a second year anthropology MA student at Columbia University. Academically, he is interested the ways in which an influx of Han Chinese tourism is reshaping ethnic Kazakh identity in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, as well as in early Chinese historiography of Inner Asian nomadic peoples. Outside of academia, he is interested in photography, documentary filmmaking, and fiction writing.




Rachel Kaplan

Rachel Kaplan graduated from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Geology-Biology. Since, she has worked as a field technician on projects at 65 degrees South latitude, 68 degrees North latitude, and several beautiful locations in between. She is passionate about how global climate change is shaping Antarctic ecosystems and how scientists can best communicate this change.






Rosette Zarzar

Rosette Zarzar is a fourth year student at Columbia University majoring in Sustainable Development. She is interested in climate change policy and hopes to pursue her law degree in environmental law after completing her bachelor’s degree. Before GlacierHub, Rosette was the Co-Leader of Eco-Reps, an environmental club that promotes sustainable behavior and implements green initiatives on Columbia’s campus. She has also been a part of Columbia University’s Earth Institute Summer Ecosystem Experience for undergraduates, where she studied Fields and Methods of Ecology and Evolution and Environmental Biology.





Previous Contributors



dscn1029-2-e1412600517555-300x197Paul Chakalian

Paul Chakalian has a bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College and a master’s degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University. He is a doctoral student at Arizona State University. His focus is on the intersection of urban sociology and climate science to better understand the relationships between our built environments, cultural environments and natural environments.




Souvik Chatterjee

Souvik Chatterjee is a student in the Climate and Society master’s program at Columbia University. He is interested in preventing climate change and its many negative effects, including the rapid melting of Earth’s glaciers. Before GlacierHub, Souvik didn’t realize how important and widespread glaciers were or how many lives they touch. Now he enjoys reading the news and the opportunity to become a journalist as a writer for GlacierHub. He also enjoys basketball and hanging out with his friends and family.





Holly Davison

Holly Davison graduated from Boston University in 2010 with a B.A. in Sociology and minors in Earth Sciences and French. After graduation, she worked in human resources at Next Jump Inc., a 200-person e-commerce company. She’s currently pursuing her master’s degree in Climate and Society at Columbia University. She’s interested in how natural disasters affect water quality, having been evacuated after a flood as a teenager. She enjoys glassblowing and cooking.







tsechu-e1480134465725-199x300Tsechu Dolma

Tsechu Dolma lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, and directs the Mountain Resiliency Project, a non-profit dedicated to building climate-resilient mountain communities. She researches the response of glacier communities to climate change in the Himalayas. A native of Tibet and Nepal, Tsechu is a Wild Gift Fellow, a Global Youth Laureate and a Brower Youth Award winner. She has a B.A. in Environmental Science and an M.P.A. in Economic Development from Columbia University.





Kristen FrenchKristen French

Kristen French is a writer on science, medicine and the environment. She is drawn to stories about the intersections between science, culture and social justice. She has published features in New York Magazine, Al Jazeera America, OnEarth magazine and Guernica magazine. She has also written about technology for Popular Mechanics. Kristen is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School’s M.A. in science journalism program and lives in Brooklyn.




Alexandra Harden.Alexandra Harden

Alexandra Harden is a graduate student in Climate and Society at Columbia University. She has a B.A. in Political Science and Writing and Rhetoric from Colgate University. Her previous work was in Boulder, Colorado with the Consortium for Capacity Building focusing on helping vulnerable communities mitigate and adapt to climate change.





sam-inglis-300x199Sam Inglis

Sam Inglis is a glacial hazards specialist based in Asia. Born in Hong Kong, his passion for the mountains came from his travels in the Indian Himalayas, starting at age 12. He has a master’s degree from the University of Exeter and is dedicated to communicating the complexities of climate science and glaciology. His research has centered on the Indo-Tibetan Sutlej River, the Patagonian Icefields of Chile and the glacial lakes in Nepal.




Daniel KandyDaniel Kandy

Daniel Kandy comes from the only continent without glaciers. He graduated with a degree in anthropology from Washington University, studying pastoral nomadism, urban agriculture and GIS. He has worked on ecosystem service markets and energy policy, and now studies climate change science and policy at Columbia University.





Yunziyi (Lisa) LangYunziyi (Lisa) Lang

Yunziyi Lang graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Aviation Meteorology. She is a graduate student majoring in Climate and Society at Columbia University. She is interested in atmospheric dynamics and the societal effects of climate change. She is working on a project that studies the vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic coast to hazards associated with extreme winter storms.





Amy LiebermanAmy Lieberman

Amy Lieberman is an award-winning journalist based in New York City. Her domestic U.S. and international coverage on climate change, immigration, public health and other social justice and political issues has been published in a range of news outlets, including The Guardian, Slate and The Atlantic. Amy received her Master of Arts degree, specializing in politics and government, from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in May 2014. Last year, she completed a year-long fellowship on the oil industry and climate change and co-published her findings with a team at the Los Angeles Times.




Anna Lo PrestiAnna LoPresti

Anna LoPresti holds a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Development from Columbia University and is currently an M.Sc. candidate in Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford. She has conducted environmental fieldwork in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil and tropical savannas of Kenya, with a focus on conservation ecology and hydrology.




DCIM100GOPROGOPR0631.Ben Marconi 

Ben Marconi earned his B.S. in geology from Weber State University in Northern Utah. He is currently a M.A. candidate in Climate and Society at Columbia University and is interested in defining paeloclimates during mass extinction periods to improve our current approach to mitigating climate change. While not working on these projects, Ben can be found skiing, climbing and running in Central Park.







Brianna Moland

Brianna Moland has a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. She is interested in international climate change adaptation and sustainable development. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Climate and Society at Columbia University. In her free time, she enjoys learning Brazilian Portuguese, trying new restaurants and exploring New York City.






Alexandra Plassaras

Alexandra Plassaras is currently completing her Master’s in Data Science at Columbia University’s Quantitative Methods Department. She is Glacierhub’s past web administrator. Her interests include spatial analysis, social network analysis, regression models, data visualization and data mining. Previously, Alexandra worked in the Startup world as an analyst, software engineer and Python and SQL tutor. In her free time she volunteers at a local animal shelter in Harlem, goes hiking, backpacking and loves learning new languages.




Nicholas K. SmithNicholas K. Smith 

Nicholas K. Smith is a freelance writer and photographer. His work has appeared in Esquire, GlobalPost and the Vienna Review, among other publications. He is recent graduate from Columbia Journalism School and holds degrees in journalism and marketing from the University of Arizona. He lives in Vienna, Austria. Read more of his work at




Gina StovallGina Stovall

Gina Stovall earned a bachelor’s degree in Geology and is completing a Master’s degree in Climate and Society at Columbia University. Gina’s research has explored the cryosphere from a remote sensing perspective with CryoCity and the Polar Geophysics Group. Her projects provoke awareness and advocacy through the communication of climate science. Read her work at




Brad SwainBrad Swain

Brad Swain received his master’s degree from the University of Miami’s Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy in 2016. His research focuses on how scarcity changes the way humans evaluate risk and uncertainty. He is now a researcher at the Common Cents Lab at Duke University. Brad’s work at Common Cents uses behavioral economics to help low and middle income families make better financial decisions.




Sarah Kai Zhen Toh

Sarah Kai Zhen Toh has a B.A. in Geography from Oxford University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Climate and Society at Columbia University. She has done research about the climatology of the Maritime Continent Monsoon and has always been fascinated by the dynamics that create spectacular landscapes all over the world.





Manon VerchotManon Verchot

Manon Verchot is a multimedia journalist based in Washington, D.C. She writes about climate change, environmental issues, health and international news. Her work has appeared in Scientific American, ClimateWire, Global Post and Mother Nature Network, among others. Manon holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a degree in history and social anthropology from the University of Kent. She has lived on five continents.




brittany wattsBrittany Watts

Brittany Watts has roots in Atlanta, Georgia, but she has also worked in India, the Dominican Republic and various other cities across the United States. With a background in communications, her most meaningful mission to date was inspiring a love of learning in her students while teaching 7th Grade English/Language Arts in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Climate and Society at Columbia University.




Yurong Yu

Yurong Yu earned her B.A. in Regional International Development in China. She also worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Beijing. She is currently a M.A. candidate in Climate and Society at Columbia University. She is interested in the impact of climate change on regional areas, especially in the Himalayas.






Yuanrong Zhou

Yuanrong Zhou earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Toronto. She is currently a master’s student in Climate and Society at Columbia University. She is interested in nature and climate change, hoping to make contributions to environmental protection.





Yixing ZhuYixing Zhu

Yixing Zhu majored in Geomatics at the University of Waterloo and Nanjing University. She is a graduate student in Climate and Society at Columbia University. Her interests include lakes, oceans and glaciers. With a background in geography and information systems, she would like to figure out the relationship between high altitude glaciers and climate change.