Month / January 2018

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  • Increased Discharge in the Tianshan Glacierized Watersheds

    In the arid and semi-arid regions of Central Asia, including western China, the glaciers of the Tianshan Mountains are an important water source for the inhabitants of the area. But accelerated glacier retreat is an unfortunate product of the changing climate, and the Tianshan glaciers are no exception.

  • Photo of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

    Fire, Ice, and Climate Change in Iceland

    A recently published paper in Geology details how glaciers impact volcanic activity in Iceland.

  • Ancient Tunic in Lendbreen glacier

    Roundup: Ancient Tunic, Climate Resiliency and Sustainable Glacier Tourism

    In this week’s roundup, read about an ancient tunic released from a melting glacier in Norway, increasing climate resilience in Pakistan and sustainable glacier tourism in Iceland.

  • Photo Friday: High Exposure with Doug Scott

    Doug Scott, one of mountaineering’s all-time greats, shares his mountain photography for the first time in all black and white at the D-Contemporary Gallery in Mayfair, London.

  • Local Communities Support Reforestation in the Peruvian Andes

    Human activities have drastically reduced the natural habitats of Polylepis, a rare genus of tree species that dominates the high altitude forests of the Andes and can grow from an elevation of 3000 meters close to the glacier line, at approximately 5000 meters above sea level. A recent analysis by Beatriz Fuentealba and Steven Sevillano of reforestation efforts centered on Polylepis in Ancash, Peru, has highlighted the importance of local communities for the successful implementation of these activities.

  • These Indigenous Communities are Models for How to Adapt to Climate Change

    When the poisoned river ran red with heavy metals, people from nearby communities didn’t believe at first that climate change was to blame. In remote mountain villages around the Rio Negro, adaptation efforts took a curious and innovative form.

  • Alaska Governor Issues Order on Climate Change Strategy

    Alaska Governor Bill Walker has issued an order on climate change strategy, with the intention to create a flexible and long-lasting framework for Alaskans to build a strategic response to climate change. Walker has also appointed members of a climate action leadership team to design the strategy and work on mitigation, research and investigate ways to reduce the impacts of climate change.

  • Roundup: Harbor Seals, River Communities and Iceberg Melt

    In this week’s roundup, read about glacial habitats of Alaskan Harbor seals, river invertebrate biodiversity, and Greenland’s freshwater budget.

  • Historical image of Cavell Meadows

    Photo Friday: Rephotography Captures Mountain Change

    This Photo Friday, check out the transformation of four Canadian mountains and glaciers through the lenses of a repeat photography project.

  • Participants in the Antarctica Ice Marathon (Source: Ice Marathon/ Pinterest)

    New Running Record Set in Antarctica in a Chilling Race Against Time

    A new running record on Antarctica’s Union Glacier was set by Irish Runner Paul Robinson. He accomplished this feat in 4 minutes and 17 seconds. This was under the encouragement of Richard Donovan, an organizer of extreme sporting events in Antarctica.