Mount Kilimanjaro: Photographs by Christian Pfeil

Christian Pfeil is an independent film producer and director who works mainly in Berlin, Germany. After finishing his studies in photography, his passion for film grew. His background in digital filmmaking allows him to transport his viewers and share stories through captive images. When asked why he chose this specific region in Africa for his photographs, Pfeil told GlacierHub that he was shooting a spot for IFAW in Kenya, and since he “loves nature and the animals, especially in that particular area,” he went for some more safari trips, taking a couple of thousand shots with his still camera. Pfeil’s work has received awards from the New York Film Festival, the United Nations, Cannes Lions, and other venues. In 2012, Pfeil founded EPICMAN Production, a Berlin based film production company.

During his trip, Pfeil also took stunning photographs of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa known for its breathtaking glaciers and ice fields. Pfeil’s favorite part of his travels was Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, he told GlacierHub. “Seeing and experiencing these breathtaking animals in action” and “being part of this stunning landscape” impressed him like no other place he has been.

Click here to see more photos from Christian Pfeil’s trip to Africa.


A view of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (Source: Christian Pfeil/Dropbox).


Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is known for breathtaking glaciers (Source: Christian Pfeil/Dropbox).


Pfeil saw wild zebras during his recent trip to Africa (Source: Christian Pfeil/Dropbox).


Profile of an African Elephant (Source: Christian Pfeil/Dropbox).


A majestic lion looking off into the distance (Source: Christian Pfeil/Dropbox).


A sunrise over Africa (Source: Christian Pfeil/Dropbox).


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