Photo Friday: Imaginary Mountains

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016

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When we think of imaginary mountains, we often think of dream-like peaks and impossible journeys. Throughout history, painters, writers, and adventurers have portrayed mountains as powerful illusions.

In The Writings of Henry David Thoreau, Thoreau captures the ethereal qualities of mountains that inspire such human flights of fancy:

I lost myself quite in the upper air and clouds, seeming to pass an imaginary line which separates a hill, mere earth heaped up, from a mountain, into a superterranean grandeur and sublimity…unhandselled, awful, grand. It can never become familiar; you are lost the moment you set foot there. You know no path, but wander, thrilled, over the bare and pathless rock, as if it were solidified air and cloud.”

Be inspired by this collection of imaginary mountains from artists around the web.


An imaginary snow-covered mountain at sunrise (Source: Yongbing).


sunny day mountain

Snow-covered imaginary peaks on a clear day (Source: Ata Haghdar).



An adventurer and his dog wander across an imaginary peak (Source: Sergey Grechanyuk).



An adventurer climbing a misty peak (Source: Waqas Malik Patreon).



A rainstorm covers imaginary peaks (Source: Berner JC).

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