Roundup: A Big March, High Futures, and GREAT ICE

Worldwide Climate March, in Photos

“On the eve of the opening of the UN climate change conference in Paris, campaigners around the world from Melbourne to London are marching to demand action.”

London march makes its way through Piccadilly
The London March. (Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA)

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Call to Mountains

“By promoting policies in favour of ecosystem-based adaptation in mountain regions, countries could build resilience and reduce the vulnerability of communities living in these high-altitude areas as well as that of millions of others living downstream, concluded a series of Mountain Adaptation Outlooks launched today by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).”

A mirror-like surface at Milford Sound. (Photo: Jocelyn Kinghorn)

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International Cooperation creates GREAT ICE

“The IRD funded the international GREAT ICE (Glacier and Water Resources in the Tropical Andes: Indicators of Changes in the Environment) program in 2011 to strengthen glaciological studies in the tropical Andes; promote collaborative projects between Andean institutions in glaciology, climatology, and hydrology; and develop education and student training programs with local universities.”

Fig. 1. A 1991 glacier-monitoring initiative in Bolivia has grown into a permanent network in the tropical Andes, with sites in four nations. The main study sites are marked on the map, and additional study sites are numbered and listed in the inset. Credit: Modified from Rabatel et al. [2013], CC BY 3.0
Sites of Cooperative International Glacier Monitoring (Photo: Modified from Rabatel et al. [2013])
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